Learning Management


Ongoing employee learning, training and development are important in improving the knowledge, skills and abilities of your workforce. Learning management systems allow your company to cost-effectively administer employee learning, deliver materials and resources and create and manage comprehensive training plans that improve performance. Our Learning Management solution includes industry leading products acquired from Out Start—a learning management pioneer in the HR industry. The portfolio of inter-related mobile, social and learning knowledge solutions accelerate and broaden access to colleagues and the knowledge they need to respond to business requirements more quickly and make better informed decisions.

Our solution helps you derive more worth from your people assets and enable them to more effectively collaborate, converse and learn while increasing their social and knowledge capital.

Today’s learning leaders face an ever-shifting landscape in which traditional learning management methods are blending with new methods such as social learning and informal learning, compliance and regulatory mandates are constantly changing, and measurement and continuous improvement are essential to long-term success. Navigating these issues is challenging and requires innovative new ways to approach learning.

Arya Technologies Learning Management software manages all aspects of global education and training by automating and optimizing the administration, management, delivery, and end user experience of blended learning programs. Built on the industry’s most complete talent management platform, AryaTechnologies Learning Management enables you to:

Arya Technologies uniquely provides native integrations from Learning Management to other core talent management processes in order to support a holistic, end-to-end talent management strategy.