Driven by our desire to improve the Talent Acquisition Industry and infuse thought-leadership into technology interventions.


  • Real time Dashboards
  • Flexible Workflows and Extensible Frameworks - New features or Modules can be easily plugged in as add-ins reducing downtime for applying software patches
  • Productivity enhancing tools to improve Planning, Sourcing, Screening and Reporting
  • Customizable Reporting Mechanism
  • Less usage of network bandwidth as most of the master data is cached by using Dynamic Synchronization
  • Fully functional Outlook style scheduling capability, with full drag & drop functionality - Managing Interview schedules has never been so easy
  • Automated Alerts & Task notifications
  • Universal Calendar, Date - Time, Numbers and Currency format support
  • User Customizable Field Labels, Forms, Email Templates

Our Technologies will help recruitment teams in strategic planning and working in a more efficient way than before. It is built using the latest Dot Net 4.0 platform and our portals are built on the latest technology.

Arya Technologies offers a completely open source development stack that is lightweight, inexpensive, highly efficient and easy to use. Several features distinguish LAMP from proprietary application frameworks and offer advantages that are helping corporate developers and IT managers bring new applications online more quickly and at lower cost while simplifying their infrastructures and improving their returns on IT investment.

Our Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP experts design and develop robust, secure and cost effective e-Commerce applications, Web server applications, portal solutions and other similar applications

An in-depth knowledge of various technology areas enables Arya Technologies to provide end-to-end software solutions and services. With our wide range of skill-sets, we maximize the benefits of our depth, diversity and delivery capability, ensuring adaptability to client needs, and thus bringing out the most innovative solutions in every business and technology domain.